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18 - 20 October




Belo Horizonte is the birthplace of culture, creativity and innovation

The capital of the state of Minas Gerais has approximately 2.5 million inhabitants and is located in the central region of the state.
Known as “BH”, the city has a historical past of great importance for the development of its state and Brazil.
Surrounded by the Serra do Curral, which serves as a natural frame and historical reference, BH charms anyone with its treasures.


Belo Horizonte is the second city with the highest number of startups in Brazil and is the right destination when it comes to entrepreneurship, business and innovation. BH is the birthplace of the first startup community in Brazil, the San Pedro Valley, and has one of the best structures for business tourism, with a diverse ecosystem.
The capital of Minas Gerais hosts several innovation initiatives, such as incubators and accelerators, technology parks, venture builders and others.


Belo Horizonte has a rich artistic and cultural production, capable of capturing lovers of visual arts, music, theater, dance and literature. Discover some tourist attractions:

Mercado Central

For almost 100 years, Mercado Central has been the meeting point in BH. Seasonings, aromas, flavors, beliefs, colors: all the most outstanding characteristics of Minas Gerais culture give charm and a lot of personality to the most beloved market in the city.

Circuito Liberdade

Built in 2010, Circuito Liberdade aimed to transform the emptied historic buildings into spaces with a vocation for art, culture and heritage preservation, gathered as a reference cultural complex for residents of the Minas Gerais’ capital and visitors. The place houses museums, libraries, theaters, cultural centers, among other spaces.

Pampulha Modern Ensemble

Built in the early 1940s and inaugurated in 1943, the Pampulha Modern Ensemble was a project designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, at the invitation of Mayor Juscelino Kubitschek, which aimed at the architectural modernization of Belo Horizonte.



Boulieu Museum in Ouro Preto

Close to Belo Horizonte, you will find Ouro Preto, a city that is a world heritage site and one of the greatest expressions of Brazilian Baroque. The Boulieu Museum presents the spectacle of the Baroque and its developments as an art style and social phenomenon in the four corners of the planet.

Inhotim Contemporary Art Museum in Brumadinho

One of the most important collections of contemporary art in Brazil, the Instituto Inhotim is also one of the largest open-air museums in the world. About 700 works by more than 60 artists, from almost 40 countries, are displayed outdoors and in galleries amidst a botanical garden with more than 4,300 rare botanical species, coming from all continents.

Sumidouro State Park in Lagoa Santa

The Sumidouro State Park is located in In the north of the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte and has the main objective of promoting environmental and cultural preservation, enabling research, conservation, environmental education and tourism activities.

Transport From Confins Airport

When disembarking in Belo Horizonte, we recommend that you use official airport taxis or reliable transport apps to transfer you to your hotel.

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