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The Growth of Innovation Economy

18 - 20 October




18 October

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Room: Grande Teatro

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Official Opening Welcome by Dean of FEUP and the CEO of FCJ Venture Builder


"Nanotechnology of the Earth - Where It All Begins"​

It is undeniable that Agricultural Revolutions transform not only agricultural culture, but have influenced the history of humanity in the countryside or in the cities, whether in family activity or in large companies, governments, and funds. From the first stone tools in agriculture until we migrate to new productive systems using 5G, nanotechnology, and genetics, one factor is still the same: the SOIL. The sustainability and environmental service potential of this great asset called SOIL is at the center of attention in the 4th Agricultural Revolution that has already begun. In this talk we will talk about how innovation and new technologies for SOIL can balance consequences caused by previous agricultural revolutions. Tropical SOIL and its natural nanoparticles are part of this solution in bioeconomy, biome regeneration, low carbon technologies and circular economy in mining.

Diego-Siqueira-300x300Agronomist Engineer class of 2003 and post-doctorate from UNESP Jaboticabal with focus on methodologies for sustainable tropical agriculture and natural soil nanoparticles, worked in different ecosystems of applied science and innovation in Brazil as Supera Park, Innovation Network of Unesp, Anprotec and Brazilian Society of Soil Science. He was co-founder of technology-based incubator and innovation Hubs focused on agro. He is currently a mentor in Innovation Hubs, a professor in the Post-graduation in Soil Science at Unesp in the area of soil sensors and Executive Director at Quanticum, a technology company with Unesp DNA. In 2021 the company was TOP6 in innovation in agro, TOP3 in software and ecosystem services and reference at COP26 in sustainable soil management. Learn more at


"Biotech - Where Are We Heading To?"

Biotech – Where are we heading to? Biotechnology has been a part of our lives for over 7,000 years. During the second half of last century, technology developed at a fast pace enabling the production of a vast array of molecules that are present in our daily lives. Is there a limit to what can be done? What benefits and risks can we expect?

João TransmontanoJoão Transmontano is graduated in Pharmacy by the University of Lisbon, PhD by the ETH Zurich, post-Doc in Pharmaceutical Medicine at the ECPM-Basel, Professor of Global Business Strategy, Ethics and Leadership in S. Diego, CA, MBA in Marketing. Started his career in Regulatory Affairs, Business Development, Area Management in companies such as Sandoz, Mepha and Vifor AG and was consultant to Kemin Foods, USA. Lead biopharmaceutical projects in PR China. Served as Director of Abiquifi (Brazilian Pharmochemical Industry Association) and also in other professional associations. Speaks fluently 6 languages. Currently serves as CEO of Entogenex Europe in Portalegre-Portugal dedicated to biotechnology and public health with a global reach. Is also member of the board of Finao Biotech and Portus Pharma.


"Make it real! Bringing Ideas to Life and Products to People!"

This talk is about bringing ideas to life and bringing products to people. Design wraps a contextual set of tools, knowledge, resources, and people to understand needs, do its magic and offer new products, services, and experiences to improve people’s quality of life. Despite the profusion of new ideas, technologies, and scientific outputs, the market, often, remains a mirage, so design, by default, should be present all along the process to keep the path towards the market.

julio-martins-276x300Júlio Martins is an entrepreneur, co-founder of the design studio Everythink, working on the co-creation of new services and products with corporates, start-ups and research centres. He is an invited mentor and speaker about design and entrepreneurship in several academic and professional institutions. He is co-founder of other brands, like AVA (musical instruments), putting creativity, design, engineering and manufacturing together to bring ideas to reality. Júlio is a mechanical engineer with specializations in Product Design and Development and Project Management.


"The Road To Open Finance Revolution"

How openness and data sharing can inspire and lead us to a fully connected economic world

Tiago Aguiar is Superintendent of New Platforms (Digital Innovation) at TecBan | Open Banking Lead and Strategist | Visiting Professor at Fundação Dom Cabral. Lawyer, Master in Law from PUC-SP and specialization in International Business from New York University.

A serial entrepreneur who has founded 5 companies and was a mentor/ consultant to dozens more companies. He has 20 years of experience encouraging and helping people set up businesses and companies to innovate. He is the author of the book “Startup your life” published in 2013.




"The Future of Manufacturing is Digital: Is There a Role for People?”

Industry 4.0 introduced new challenges in manufacturing. The main characteristic of this transformation is the digital technologies’ effect on the way production processes occur. Process and tasks become more automated and the knowledge and skills on manufacturing operations become obsolete. This digital transformation process is an unstoppable trend, and more and more automation, robotics and artificial intelligence will be introduced in the shop floor. Will we have full automated factories in the near future? Is there a role for people in this future?

Gil-goncalves-276x300Gil Gonçalves is an Assistant Professor at FEUP and a researcher at SYSTEC, with more than 20 years of experience in systems development, specialising in systems engineering, control architectures and design of software for industrial applications. Gil coordinates the Digital and Intelligent Industry Research Lab, and he is not only an experienced academic and researcher but also a recognised innovation and entrepreneurship expert. Principal researcher (PI) in several European and Portuguese R&D projects, Gil is also a member of the Portuguese National Network of Mentors for Young entrepreneurs and co-founder of 4 technology-based start-ups.
Gil is the coordinator of the INVENTHEI project, an activity funded by the HEI Initiative that involves 6 European Universities. The goal of INVENTHEI is to help partners boost their entrepreneurial capabilities at all levels and unlock their innovation potential.


"Metaverse - a universe of opportunities for the startups of the future"

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Metaverse and Web3. Some see it as synonymous with Facebook/Meta. Others think that Metaverse is VR, crypto, or NFTs. In reality, the term Metaverse creates confusion as it’s a bit amorphous and is still being defined.
Generally speaking, when people talk about the Metaverse they’re talking about the building blocks to the Metaverse. Immersive tech, 3D content, virtual worlds/games that offer social interaction with other players, web3 (in some cases).
I will try to explain, in a simple and didactic way, the concepts and why we should pay more attention to the Metaverse and invest in it.

Isaac Ivanoff46 years old, 32 years of corporate experience, and entrepreneur since the age of 18. years old. Administrator, post-graduated in Marketing and Economy, he also has a background in Call Center Management and Theology.
Executive Director for 18 years with passage through large national and multinational companies, he was CEO of the Digital Vertical of Apex America – a multinational company specialized in CX – besides passage through CSU Digital, Atento, Bradesco, and others. Today he is CEO of MetaNext Ventures – a venture builder focused on Metaverse, Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, Extended Reality and Cryptocurrency solutions – and also serves as CEO of Virtual Council – a platform for SMEs that gives them access to highly representative advisors on the national scene.
He is co-founder of ProjectY (digital marketing) and Innerverso Intuitive Intelligence (mentoring for executives).


"Investing In New Businesses Created From Academic Projects: The Case of PUCTec - HUB of Innovation and Businesses"

PUCTec -The Innovation and Business Hub of PUC Minas, acts by accelerating new companies, especially by making available the science and technology production of its students, professors and researchers and the infrastructure of its various campi for the rapid and sustainable growth of startups. It provides connections between the Innovation Ecosystems of Minas Gerais, the academic community of PUC and society in general, forming, qualifying and thickening knowledge that provides solutions to significant problems of society. Since 2019, the PUCTec Business Induction Program has accelerated 100 projects and made economic and financial investments in 45 startups. In this talk, we will present PUCTec’s journey, the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Humberto Torres Marques NetoHumberto Torres Marques Neto has experience in the technology area coming from his professional background: undergraduate in Computer Science from PUC Minas, Master in Information Sciences and PhD in Computer Science, both from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. He works as a professor and researcher in the undergraduate, master’s and doctorate courses at the Institute of Exact Sciences and Informatics of PUC Minas. He is one of the creators of PUCTec – HUB for Innovation and Business at the University. During his performance as leader of PUCTec in the last 4 years, Humberto has managed the economic and financial investment in more than 100 startups from the most diverse areas of knowledge, directly assisting in the development of the 3 editions of the Induction and Business Program of this HUB. Humberto also coordinates, for 16 years, the Technological Innovation Center (NIT), which is part of the structure of the Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduate Studies and has the mission to organize, systematize, guide, monitor, execute and establish institutional policies related to the procedures provided by the laws on Intellectual Property.


"5G - Accelerating the Future"

The talk brings a view of the adoption and the status of 5G implementation in Brazil. It analyzes immediate and future impacts of this technology in people’s lives. It explains the potential of digital transformation in business and society, in an approach connecting People and things in a sustainable way.

Márcio Jesus da SilvaBachelor in Computer Science, MBA in Marketing-FGV, Business Management-UFU and Master in Administration from Ohio University – Ohio/US. Has 25 years of experience in conducting business in the IT and Telecom industry and currently as Vice-President of Retail Business of Algar Telecom, which comprises the business of Internet, fixed telephony, mobile and other complementary services for the residential segment. In 2021 Algar Telecom was a protagonist in Brazil in providing the first networks operating 5G services in the newly acquired frequencies.




"Renewal, Innovation Written Into The Company's
DNA Code"

How CLAMPER has written its history for over 30 years renewing itself every day, bringing innovation and collaboration as fundamental parts in the creation of solutions aimed at protecting electro-electronics, reducing the disposal of waste that harm and pollute the environment.

Tatiana JordãoCreator and leader of Clamper’s Strategy and Innovation team, is an electrical engineer graduated from CEFET-PR, with an MBA in Commercial Management (FGV) and currently taking an MBA in Project Management (FGV). Experience in commercial management and negotiation of large contracts in the vehicle tracking and electrical surge protection solutions markets. Development of partnerships and business model innovations. Leadership of the Business Intelligence, Product Management and Intrapreneurship areas.




"Tackling Complexity Through Artificial Inteligence"

This talk analyses how to tackle practical complex problems using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodologies. The talk focuses on the current state and challenges of AI and the current advanced applications of AI. One of the areas in which AI may contribute significantly is Public Administration and Government (PAG). Due to the advances in AI and Information Technology (IT), several PAG processes that, a few years ago, had to be completely carried out by humans can be automated today. The overall PAG domain involves a diversity of application areas in which AI may play a key role in a near future, namely in: Government, Urban Planning, Transports, Traffic Management, Energy, Water and Waste Management, Citizenship, Hospital Management & Public Health, Culture & Heritage Management, Tourism, Education & Research Management, among many others. To enable the use of AI and Intelligent Systems in these application areas, different AI/IT methods and technologies are needed, such as: Data Science; Decision Support Systems; Machine Learning; Optimization; Natural Language Processing; Social Media Analytics; Modelling & Simulation; AI Planning; Agents and Multi-Agent Systems; Social Intelligence; Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Perception, Robotics & Automation; Big Data and User Modelling. The talk aims to address the challenges raised by current trends on innovative electronic service provision, in particular in the field of e-government and public administration. It thus focuses on advanced AI-powered IT solutions to address the relationships between humans and online services and the use of AI to improve public administration services in what concern E-services, E-Governance, Digital Transformation, and Citizen Engagement; Efficient and Fair Public Administration; Regulation, Data Protection, Fair Access and Ethical aspects of AI in Public Administration and Governance. The talk will be illustrated with real use cases developed by our research group in Portugal together with ASEA, ERS, INSA and DRCN, four of the main public administration institutes in Portugal.

Luis Paulo Reis has BSc (5 years –luis paulo reis 1993), MSc (1995) and PhD (2003) degrees in Electrotechnical Engineering (with specializations in Computer Science, Industrial Informatics and Artificial Intelligence/Robotics). He is an Associate Professor at the University of Porto in Portugal and Director of LIACC – Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory. He is an IEEE Senior Member and was president of the Portuguese Society for Robotics and vice-president of the Portuguese Association for Artificial Intelligence. He is now the President of APPIA – Portuguese Association for Artificial Intelligence. He is also Co-Director of LIACD – First Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. During the last 25 years, he has lectured courses, at the University, on Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Robotics, Multi-Agent Systems, Simulation and Modelling, Games and Interaction, Educational/Serious Games and Computer Programming. He was the principal investigator of more than 20 research projects in those areas. He won more than 60 scientific awards, including more than 15 RoboCup international competitions and best papers at conferences such as ICEIS, Robotica, IEEE ICARSC and ICAART. He supervised 22 PhD and 140MSc theses to completion and is supervising 12 PhD theses. He evaluated more than 50 projects and proposals for FP6, FP7, Horizon2020, FCT, and ANI. He was a plenary speaker at several international conferences such as ICAART, ICINCO, LARS/SBR, WAF, IcSports, SYROCO, CLAWAR, WCQR and ECIAIR. He organized more than 60 international scientific events, belonged to the Program Committee of more than 250 scientific events and edited more than 30 Springer volumes. He is the author of more than 400 publications in international conferences and journals (indexed at SCOPUS or ISI Web of Knowledge).


"Is gamification a thing of the past, the present, or the future?"

A brief review of the last 12 years of gamification, what went right, what went wrong, and the biggest promises for the future. Examples of innovation in academia and the corporate world. We will close with a 3,500-year-old lesson from King Attis for today.

Tiago SizenandoSenior consultant in gamification with projects in the United States, Europe and Brazil, in companies such as Microsoft, Volkswagen, Arcelor Mittal, Bradesco, Me Poupe and several startups. Engineer by training, worked at Siemens for 6 years, founded Cybergia – a startup for health promotion -, is Product Manager of the largest gamification teaching platform in the world (Octalysis Prime), Gamification Specialist at Gamiphy and certified in Game Thinking methodology.