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18 - 20 October





20 October

Venue: SKEMA Business Schooll

Translation service from Portuguese to English will be provided.


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Room: 01 A

WORKSHOP I - "INVENTHEI PROJECT - Improving Entrepreneurial and Innovation Capacity"

INnoVation and ENTrepreneurship in HEIs (INVENTHEI) is a project from the EIT’s HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education launched by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). INVENTHEI’s goal is to implement an Innovation Vision Action Plan (IVAP) by the participating HEIs that includes activities contributing to the pool of “excellent skills and talents” and more “efficient innovation ecosystems” in the manufacturing and health domains. This workshop will explore how INVENTHEI activities are engaging students, contributing to an upskilling of the workforce, and promoting a culture for “innovation, entrepreneurship and business transformation” focused on innovation districts.

Gil-goncalves-276x300Gil Gonçalves is an Assistant Professor at FEUP and a researcher at SYSTEC, with more than 20 years of experience in systems development, specialising in systems engineering, control architectures and design of software for industrial applications. Gil coordinates the Digital and Intelligent Industry Research Lab, and he is not only an experienced academic and researcher but also a recognised innovation and entrepreneurship expert. Principal researcher (PI) in several European and Portuguese R&D projects, Gil is also a member of the Portuguese National Network of Mentors for Young entrepreneurs and co-founder of 4 technology-based start-ups. 
Gil is the coordinator of the INVENTHEI project, an activity funded by the HEI Initiative that involves 6 European Universities. The goal of INVENTHEI is to help partners boost their entrepreneurial capabilities at all levels and unlock their innovation potential.


Room: 01 A

WORKSHOP II - "Innovation Fast Track - From Academia
to People"

Academia is a privileged nest of knowledge, science, and novelties, generated by people willing to create an impact on society. But, a considerable part of this knowledge does not impact people as often and fast as desirable. This workshop will search for the challenges, missing links, and cultural issues to leverage a new level of understanding and, therefore, new strategies to overcome these aspects and to design fast tracks from academia to people.

Academia is a privileged nest of knowledge, science, and novelties, generated by people willing to create an impact on society. But, a considerable part of this knowledge does not impact people as often and fast as desirable. This workshop will search for the challenges, missing links, and cultural issues to leverage a new level of understanding and, therefore, new strategies to overcome these aspects and to design fast tracks from academia to people.




Room: 01 A

WORKSHOP III - How Can Innovation Be Applied Through Feminine Values?

Mubius WomenTech Ventures is the 1st WomenTech in Brazil. We invest in people and values. Our goal is to build startups that have female leadership and carry the feminine values in their DNA.  We prioritize women and invite the men to join us.

Aligned with our market theses, Mubius will promote the WorkShop “How Can Innovation Be Applied Through Feminine Values?” The goal will be to discuss the challenges faced regarding this topic and to come up with applicable solutions to the problems related to this matter.
Innovation, corporate leadership, gender gaps, social challenges, diversity, and others, are some of the topics that will be covered throughout the workshop.
All ideias and information will be compiled in one document which will be shared with participants, institutions, companies, universities, among others. Our team will also be accompanying all the women participants of the event, inviting them to join and collaborate with this rich and necessary brainstorming.
We invite you, women and men to be part of this change.

Carol Gilberti CEO and Founder of Mubius WomenTech Ventures | Founding partner of Mubius Holding |
Founder and Spokesperson for Electric Women | Radio columnist BandNews BH | Victor’s mother and

Regina Migliori is dedicated to developing the level of excellence of people, organizations and communities. She is the creator of the ethical intelligence concept, applied by schools, universities and companies. Founder and Board Chairwoman at Mubius Womentech Ventures,  whose investment thesis is the feminine as a value. Founder of Migliori Group in 1992, an organization focused on innovative models, working in both academic research and business projects for companies, governments, educational institutions and international organizations. She has a multidisciplinary background, which allows her to work in different contexts. She holds a BA in Philosophy, Sciences and Letters; Bachelor in Law; Post Graduate in Neuropsychology; PhD in Epistemology and History of Science. Her work was recognized as a successful international case by the Department of Global Education at The University of Toronto. She is a regular speaker at conferences and workshops internationally; author of books and columnist for several media. 


Room: 09 A

WORKSHOP IV - "When Technology Meets the Customer Needs: The Technology-Product-Market Approach"

This workshop shows how the TPM Three Stage Model helps create the path to bridge the gap between technology and customer needs. It is structured in 3 parts. First the concepts and the method will be shown. In the second part, a success case will be presented. The final part is an application of the model by the participants from a real case, based on 3 different innovative technologies.


Wilson Caldeira

Wilson Caldeira holds a Master’s degree in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship from the University of Porto. He has specialization in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Stanford University and in Management from Fundação D. Cabral. He has a post-graduate degree in Marketing from FGV and a degree in Computer Science from UFRJ. He was angel investor and co-founder of an e-health startup and director of marketing and sales of technology-based companies. He is CEO & Co-founder of Caldeira Marketing Consulting, where he acts as mentor and consultant for companies and startups. He is also a guest professor at Fundação D. Cabral and Vice President of Digital Transformation & Technological Entrepreneurship at Fumsoft.


Marcello Ladeira

Marcello Ladeira

Marcello Ladeira (CEO): Specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Stanford-CA 2014), MBA in Marketing (UNA 1999), Bachelor in Computer Science (PUC-MG 1993). Between 1993 and 2002 he helped found and was director of Virtual Mídia, a company that innovated thanks to his participation, still in the 90’s, the concepts of Quality of Professor Falconi in the first software for results management in Latin America. The system created at the time helped hundreds of public and private sector companies to improve their processes. The desire to create a world-class product that was capable of embracing other management models motivated the creation of Siteware in 2002. Today, Siteware’s STRATWs One Performance Management System is used by some of the largest companies in Brazil and also by some global companies, and has already been translated into 12 languages.

Paulo Lucke

Paulo Lucke

Paulo Lucke (Product Manager): Specialization in Product Management (PM3 2021), Bachelor in Production Engineering (UNICAMP 2015). Domain expert and product management specialist at Siteware. Passionate about the problems faced in Talent Management and addicted to finding solutions to these issues, he has extensive experience in implementing tools that manage Human Capital and today uses his business knowledge to lead the development of innovative and disruptive products, connecting management to people and business


Daniel Correa Ramos
Concert Technologies

Daniel Correa Ramos holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from UFMG/Brazil since 2003. He earned a specialization in Project Management from FDC/Brazil in 2007. He has been working for seventeen years in research, development and innovation for the Energy and Aerospatial industry. He currently works as co-CEO of Concert Lab, a Concert Technologies subsidiary devoted to developing digital products for the Energy and Aerospatial industry.

Felipe Sant’Anna

Felipe Sant’Anna
Concert Technologies

Felipe Sant’Anna is Energy Engineer from Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais – PUC MG (2012). He is currently innovation business development manager and has an extensive participation in projects under the open innovation programs, in the themes of distributed generation, energy storage, smart grid, assets management, performance-based maintenance, commercial losses, among others.


Room: 01 A

WORKSHOP V - How Can We Support The Development of Innovation Projects Reducing the Gap Between Early Stage and Series A?

We have created a density of actors that foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem, developed organizations that train talent for innovation practices, and have a network for access to well-established resources. As we consolidated this support network, we inaugurated a new phase of the ecosystem that brought new challenges. During the workshop we will discuss what the new challenges are and what initiatives we need to take off the ground in the coming years to continue to progress as an ecosystem.

daniel-oliveiraDaniel Oliveira graduated in Advertising and Publicity from PUC/MG, post graduated in Business Management from IBMEC/MG and has courses in the areas of design, anthropology, future thinking, innovation and digital product management. Founder of Oitoequinze, a consulting company based on human-centered design, helped companies of various sizes and segments to navigate current seas with current maps. Coordinated SEED (Startup Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development), an acceleration program of the Government of Minas Gerais, where he helped the development of 120 startups and 360 entrepreneurs over 03 rounds. He was also responsible for creating and publishing openly, the methodology for accelerating startups in 2019. Today he is head of strategy and innovation at SADA Group working mainly in the transportation and logistics and media sector. In addition to coordinating the program to foster the development of entrepreneurial projects in the business school SKEMA.